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20_aus is a fic challenge community for alternate universe (AU) fics, similar in format and setup to communities like 30_kisses or 100_themes.


1. Everyone is allowed claims; you may write about a character, pairing, or group. Sign up at this post.
2. Anything goes--gen, het, yaoi, yuri, etc. Writing may be fandom or original. Please label anything that needs a warning!
3. Fanart and fanfiction are both permissible.
4. There is no limit to posting. We would prefer it if you posted your themes on a fairly regular basis, but no one will be kicked out for inactivity.
5. Want to drop your signup? Do so here.
6. Finished claims may be noted here.


[series] [theme (number and name)] title


The Themes

1. The stillness of now

2. Halfway across the world and back again

3. A machine with broken workings

4. Shadow puppetry

5. Half-light of ghosts

6. And you?

7. The lines of fire and earth

8. A singular pattern of repetition and recognition

9. If I cried out, who would hear?

10. The taste of this

11. Saturday at the matinee

12. The grace of

13. Like a spider

14. To add and to receive

15. Two feet beneath water

16. Palms up and back to the ground

17. Fifth period and counting

18. The length of future memories

19. The denial of convention

20. Stages of the sun

Extra Themes: These five may be done in place of or in addition to the other 20.

21. Blowing bubbles by the railroad tracks

22. And if we did

23. The fragility of strength

24. A box with white ribbon

25. I would imagine that

Please note that you may still claim characters already claimed in the "main cast" situations.

Your mod is incredibly lazy and also swamped with real life, so consider yourself accepted once you request a sign-up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

All Things Shining (original)

Joenna Kayston boosette

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka, Katara, Aang boosette
Zhao/Sanako pico_the_great


Aizen Sousuke/Hinamori Momo autophanous
Kuchiki Byakuya, Kuchiki Hisana, Ichimaru Gin, Ulquiorra random_prophet
Kuchiki Rukia riddering
Kurosaki Isshin/Kurosaki Masaki autophanous
Inoue Orihime/Ishida Uryuu dodgeroll
Ishida Ryuuken shinjokitty
Entire cast hemlocke, rei_kurasaki, and quixotic_sense


Geigen Huber Brischella (Kyou Kara Maou)/Yazoo (Final Fantasy: Advent Children) youreveningsir

Takenouchi Sora & Yagami Taichi ricemonkeykao

Final Fantasy: Advent Children

main cast rei_kurasaki
Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz youreveningsir
Kadaj whisperinghope


River Tam voleuse

The Fox and the Hound

Todd/Copper frolickingllama

Fullmetal Alchemist

Cast beccastareyes


Yamaguchi Kumiko/Sawada Shin tarigwaemir

Hana Yori Dango

Doumyoji Tsukasa/Makino Tsukushi memlu

Hikaru no Go

Main cast aishuu

Hot Gimmick

Main cast limeny


Sesshoumaru/Rin tokyofish

Kingdom Hearts

Cast darksylvir

Mantantei Loki Ragnarok

The Pantheon ambientlight
Loki sorakh28


Uchiha Sasuke/Haruno Sakura clocklike
Yamanaka Ino/Haruno Sakura b_j_bobbinstein

The Old Kingdom Trilogy

Mogget/Sameth hemlocke

Peacemaker Kurogane

Main cast takkey


Ash-tachi nighteeve

Prince of Tennis

Kawamura Takashi/Fuji Shuusuke quixotic_sense
Entire cast hemlocke, rei_kurasaki, and quixotic_sense
Atobe/Tezuka/Fuji hazelnutti & evaporate

Saint Seiya

Saga of Gemini & Kanon of Gemini sagakure

Samurai Champloo

Jin/Fuu/Mugen shigure

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Akira/Yuya sylvacoer

Shaman King

Asakura Yoh/Kyouyama Anna memlu

Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Utena/Anthy blankmeridian

Slam Dunk

Kogure Kiminobu quixotic_sense
Entire cast hemlocke, rei_kurasaki, and quixotic_sense

Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker hieispike

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

main cast lasakura


Arisugawa Sorata/Kishuu Arashi tokyofish

Yu Yu Hakusho

Jaganshi Hiei/Mukuro hieispike